Linda James has given opinions on the following types of cases:


Disguised Writing

IRS Documents

Adoption Papers

Disputed Wills / Holographic Wills

Laser Printing Removal

Alleged Rape Cases

Divorce Papers

Lease Agreements

Alteration / Altered College Records

Election Ballots

Mail Fraud

Anonymous Notes


Medical Records & Documents

Bank Signature Cards/ Security Agreements

Falsified Annuity Claims

Miranda Rights


Falsified Land Title Company Forms

Photo Copies

Birth Certificates

Falsified Life Insurance Forms

Sequential Writing

Capital Murder Cases

Famous Signatures on Paintings/Books

Stamped Impressions


Forged Signatures

Stock Certificates


Hidden Writing Recovered

Stolen Credit Cards

Corporate Minutes

Identity Cards

Stolen U. S. Treasury Checks

Cut and Paste / White Outs

Immigration Documents

Toner Anchorage

Dating Documents

Indented writing

Traced Signatures

Death Threats / Threatening Letters

Ink and Paper


Diary Entries

International Case Involving Kidnapping

Warranty Deeds

Below is a few of the topics for lectures presented - Please e-mail Linda for an updated and complete list.

The Forensic Examination of a Symbolic Signature, A Case Study -NADE Conference

Handwriting Identification -TALI North TX Region Meeting CE Points

Forensic Document Examination -TCDLA 6th Annual Forensics Seminar

E is for Evidence -American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants

Current Trends in Forensic Science -Tarrant County M. E.ís Office 8thAnnual  Conference

Instruments Employed by Document Examiners -TCDLA 5th Annual Forensics Seminar

A Forensic Look At Medical Records -AORN (Assoc. of Peri Operative Registered Nurse)

Principles in Forensic Document Examinations -TALI Super Conference

Identifying Graphic Patterns in Signatures, Poster Presentation -NADE Conference